The Idea

The repertory of original works for violin and organ is very limited. There are some very nice classical works, but to keep up with the expectations of the fastidious listener, programs are in demand that really get under the skin. In a time, when every-day-life - including music business - gets more and more adventurous, you need to share special and outstanding musical experiences with your audience. Sometimes it is not enough to play the same old classics over and over again.
Sven-Ingvart Mikkelsen and Jochen Brusch have found what they had been looking for.

After having played together for many years they realized that they both were enthusiasts of the old rock-music of the 60ies and early 70ies. Why not present the best of this music once again for today's audiences on a classical violin and a church organ?

Sven-Ingvart Mikkelsen was the first to believe in the idea and within some weeks he had completed his spectacular arrangements of 15 "immortal" rock classics.

Drums, vocals and all electric guitar sounds were removed from the original versions. What was left was the content of the music itself but still with all the important components such as melody, harmonic and rhythmic structures. It became evident that this music in its core is a music of great beauty, also without the instrumentarium of a "classical" rockgroup.

What came out of Sven-Ingvart's arrangements is the very essence of these unforgotten oldies, but still with all their ravishing charm and youthful spirit, just shown off in a more classical robe.